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Our mission for Freedom Defender Outdoors is to provide the best hunting and fishing trips to our current and fellow service members of the Armed forces. We are a group of current and past military Veterans who loves the outdoors in all aspects.  As a Pro Staff team we would like to bring the outdoors even closer to all military members no matter their branch of service. We would especially like to provide hunting experiences for our Veterans who have graciously served effortlessly defending our great countries freedoms.

Our team members are all affiliated with the military whether past or present serving our nation of foreign wars. Our main goal is to provide the most memorable hunting and fishing trips of a lifetime on film. We will be honored to host our brothers, sisters and children of any veteran to give them a hunt they will always remember.

We are working with many different sponsors all over the country, so we can provide different hunts whether it is a big game hunt, duck hunt, turkey hunt, or just small game hunts. Our sponsors donate their time and land to allow us to bring a hunter the experience of a lifetime. The filmed hunts allow our guests to recapture their love for the outdoors with a copy in high definition quality to cherish always.

We as the Pro Staffers of Freedom Defender Outdoors are not only military Veterans, but avid outdoorsman and good stewards of conservation.  Our goal is not only to live our love for the outdoors but to fulfill the dreams of those who no longer have the resources available for an outdoor adventure. Your support will help our team provide great hunts, fishing trips, and outdoor experiences that come to life not only for our guests but also for the Pro Staffers who have served and continue to serve this great nation.


OATH - Outdoor Association for True Heroes

 Our Mission - Outdoor Association for True Heroes, Incorporated, or OATH, Inc., is a faith based Nonprofit Organization that utilizes various outdoors activities centered around Faith, Family, and Community to improve the quality of life of our eligible Veterans.

Outdoor Association for True Heroes, Incorporated, or OATH, Inc. has been established to serve two purposes.  The first purpose is fairly obvious to most, but it needs to be driven home.  OATH, Inc. gives our eligible Heroes an outlet to just sit…and relax…and heal.  These Heroes deserve the very best we have to offer in terms of admiration and appreciation, and it’s our calling at OATH to give them exactly what they deserve ! 

Our second purpose extends to those that have been searching feverishly for ways to give back and support these Heroes.  You love America, you love her values, and you love her Veterans, but you just need an outlet from which to provide some sort of support.  

OATH can provide you with several different outlets by which you can support our Heroes.  Whether you’re a Ranch Owner, Outfitter, Private Land Owner, Lease Manager, Business Owner or just a regular member of society that is looking to support in a direct and impactful manner, we can help you satisfy your desire to give back to these deserving Heroes. 

The Heroes of OATH are only half of the approved solution.  YOU are the other half.  Come join us.  Change a life.

For more information on OATH, Inc, events, veteran trips and donations click on the logo above or visit;


Premier Sportsman's Guide would like to thank artist Jack Paluh for the use of his painting "Strength of Our Nation" at the top of the veteran page.

This piece captures the splendor of the soaring eagle and the ideals of our armed forces who protect our freedoms. The three soldiers portray Reverence, Readiness, and Respect. These principles are the supporting power of our military, and the truths that keep our nation strong. Our eagle represents strength, courage and freedom: soaring into boundless spaces, sweeping down with outstretched wings, and living amidst the vastness of nature. As Americans, we hold this symbol of freedom with great respect.

Artist, Jack Paluh’s Note: I used many symbols in creating this painting. The soldiers represent Reverence, Readiness, and Respect. The rising stars represent the people of our nation. The eagle is our ultimate symbol of freedom. Extending from the eagle is the tail of a fighter jet, another representation of our military. The “purple mountain majesties” form the backdrop for “amber waves of grain.”