"Cater to your crowd." Great meals made easy with the CanCooker. On a grill, campfire or camp stove.  Load CanCooker up with vegetables on the bottom, meat on top and 12 oz. of any liquid – water, broth, beer, soda, or, juice. There’s no grease, oil, or frying. Just put the CanCooker on the heat and relax. You’ve earned this.
  Cone Fork by Fynx, LLC – The Ultimate Campfire Roasting Fork!  Designed to cook a multitude of foods including campfire cones, burritos, corn, baked potatoes, kabobs, hotdogs, marshmallows and a whole lot more.  Replaces many tools using this one device.
     H and R Outdoor Industries 1-855-949-3636 - Camping, hunting, and fishing products  made by the people who use them. H and R Outdoor Industries is officially in full swing! Take a look around, and be sure to check back with us for upcoming events and products. All products are personally tested locally in our Gilbert, Arizona facility. Check out our Fold Up Smokers for the best way to cook your game.
Sausage Maker -    "From the Stuffer to the Grill" - USA MADE STUFFER


Logo,, Historical Weapons and Goods in Colrain, MA   Custom made blades and leather goods.  Purveyors of historical reproductions of Frontier bladed weaponry, Flintlock firearms and beaded leathergoods. 
    844-336-4867 - A 100% Combat Veteran owned company.  Our goal is to provide quality outdoor products at affordable prices.
    Indy Laser Engraving, LLC - 317-437-6640 - Holds a valid Federal Firearms License for engraving guns.  We do NFA engravings as well as custom engraving on guns, knives and many other items, i.e. Ipads, metallic objects and promotional items.  Call for an appointment or quote today. 
    Knives Inclusive, "Sharp Knives for Sharp Shoppers" - 910-579-5019- Knives for Fishing, Hunting, Camping, and more including Cutlery for in the kitchen.
 RaptoRazor      Welcome to Raptorazor, home of the “Big Game Skinner” and the “MAKO”; two knifes that will revolutionize the hunting and fishing world.
  Triple "C" Cutlery - - Custom made knives and professional knife sharpening.  We also do custom engraving.  Like us on our Facebook page...Triple C Cutlery/Lou Collins.


   Pilsudski Mustards - 484-944-5583 - Specialty mustards and horseradishes.




Recipe of the Month








1 Conefork

1 Floured Tortilla

1- 2 Heaping Tbs. Apple Pie Filling (canned)                                                                       

1 Tsp. Brown Sugar

1 Tsp. Cinnamon




Lay floured tortilla flat and fill with Apple Pie Filling.  Wrap "burrito-style", wrap in aluminum foil and place in the "Wedge" area of the CONEFORK.  Sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon and place on open fire for 5-10 minutes and ENJOY a campfire-made APPLE PIE BURRITO!

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