972-4643-9124 - Manufacturer of Folding, Composite, Inflatable Kayaks, Packrafts and Stand Up Paddle Boards.

  The Big Game Gut Glove is designed by hunters and made for hunters! No more smelly hands and arms. Dramatically lower the risk of getting sick from blood-borne diseases. Reusable hunt after hunt. The best field dressing gloves in the industry.  708-478-6600   OR EMAIL

  Brett Richardson - - Brett Richardson's Giant Bass Series DVD - 2-Disc Set


     Captain Mack's - Capt Mack’s offer many accessories to outfit your boat or make your next fishing excursion more successful. Need Rod Holders, check out our on line store to see a full selection of Driftmaster rod holders and T Bars.  Often a successful  outing depends on the quality of your bait, Keep Alive bait tanks and Oxygen Systems will enable you to keep and maintain all types of live bait, fresh and saltwater! Of course after the trip, you’ll need a good set of knives to clean your catch- Cuda knives and accessories will take care of that! While you are on the site, check out the Capt Mack’s Lure light, available in green, blue, or prismatic, these water activated lights will get the attention of gamefish in both fresh or saltwater environments! Don’t forget to stock up on Spoons, Parker Magnum Spoons, Hawg Spoons, Berrys Flex-it Spoons and the Capt. Macks Super Spoons.


   ETIC USA - Catch'Em with Etic - ETIC USA is an online store dedicated to bringing the very best in fishing lures and other products to its customers, The Etic brand is also available for retail clients. Etic has been in business for over 40 years.

   844-336-4867 - A 100% Combat Veteran owned company.  Our goal is to provide quality outdoor products at affordable prices.
     Fish and Wildlife Unlimited - (631)244-7516 - Welcome to Fish and Wildlife Unlimited Taxidermy.  New York's largest marine and wildlife taxidermy company.  Located on Long Island, in Oakdale, and our NEW location Morehead City, NC. SINCE 1972.
FlipRocks Extreme Flipflops were created for extreme outdoorsmen and women that require sure footing when fishing, hiking or kayaking.

GoFish DanDan, is an avid angler and host on the television show “Go Fish with Dan Kenney.” The television program airs via the Charter Spectrum network and is seen on YouTube at


Legal Limits - For easy-quick measures. "MEASURE UP!  It's a good law to promote the continue enjoyment you get from fishing." Legal Limits® is a self-adhesive white vinyl - black print, weatherproof, ruler tape measures that apply to a fisherman's rod and boat. Available sizes: 12", 24", 36" and Combo Pack 24"/36".


McCoy Fishing Line - "American Made since 1935"  Producing American Made Premium Fishing Line & Tackle for over 80 years! When winning is on the line....the winning line is McCoy!


   Real Reasons to Seek Out Modern Spartan Systems Super Advanced Chemistry - Performance Benefits

Modern Spartan Systems is a leader in friction reduction, metal preservation, contaminant removal and contaminant protective barrier technologies for the firearms, transportation, manufacturing and deep well drilling industries.  They have pioneered a different path with their proprietary GREEN formulas, which create unique performance benefits that the products they compete against, including non-green products, cannot provide.  They change the minds of engineers and skeptics all the time!

What sets their cleaners apart is their ability to penetrate and remove contaminants on and below the surface.  Deep cleaning or detoxifying opens the metal up and allows more of the active molecules in the lubrication formulas to bond into and onto the target surface. 

What sets their lubrication formulas apart is that instead of laying down a film barrier onto metal, they enhance the actual surface structure of metals several microns deep and OPTIMIZE the density and strength.  They turn microscopic sand paper into glass.  This affects the functionality, reliability and longevity of the metal by reducing friction up to 90%, flat-lining metal wear and minimizing surface contaminant re-adhesion. 

Modern Spartan Systems is quickly becoming recognized by industry experts as having the ABSOLUTE BEST set of products in their categories, and indeed may deserve their own categories. 

Modern Spartan Systems Fishing Reel Products

How we IMPACT Fishing Reels

Did you know that you can RESTORE & REVIVE your old cranky, sticky fishing reels and MAXIMIZE the PERFORMANCE on all of your reels?  Your fishing reels are “tools” that needs maintenance; better yet, OPTIMIZATION and Posei-Clean & Posei-Slick are the products you need to get the most out of them.  The ENEMIES that diminish your fishing reels ability to perform at a maximum level are CONTAMINANTS (dirt, sand, salts, corrosion…) and FRICTION.  The unique chemistry we have is phenomenal.  Posei-Clean penetrates deep into the pores of the substrate to remove contaminants, leaving NO residue, even of itself, and opening up the surface to absorb the Posei-Slick.  The Posei-Slick penetrates and changes the surface structure of the parts being lubricated.  It makes them harder and smoother, which reduces friction by up to 90% and helps to protect them from further contamination.   

Click here to learn more about what these products can do for you…



                                                                     13 BIG REASONS GO SPARTAN:

*Great for restoring and revitalizing old reels (even from salt water)  *A smoother feel to the action of the reel (may even sound different)  *Easier and more reliable casting and retrieving  *No dirty-greasy mess  *Minimize overheating when the “Big One” is making a long run (we love that)  *Excellent in high heat and sub-zero temps  *Better protected from corrosion  *Increased time between cleanings (long-lasting effects)   *Future cleanings are faster and easier (contaminants don’t stick to well)  * Less wear and tear on the bearings, gears… equals longer equipment life  *Less frustration from fewer equipment malfunctions  *Environmentally and Nose-Friendly  *American made  *Greater chance of landing "the big one"


     Build your own hat or shirt – pick one of our designs with your wording, boat or club name. Hats are custom embroidered just for you. Shirts are made to order when you order. Great gifts for the fisherman in your life. Clubs, charter boats and event work welcome. Family owned and operated. Use exclusive coupon code PSG2017 for 15% off of your order.


     Original Tick Wear - Lyme Disease "You won't get it, if you don't get bitten".  Call 860-927-5240 for purchase - Protect yourself from serious diseases carried by insects such as ticks, fleas, flies and mosquitoes.  Tick Wear's one-piece insect protection garment is worn comfortably under your regular clothes. Unique zipper application allows easy access to toilet facilities for both male and females without the need to remove your clothes to use the bathroom. Chemical free polyester is environmentally friendly you do not need toxic chemicals to repel biting insects. Tick Wear's machine washable one piece suit is better for your heath and better for the environment. Tick Wear's one-piece garment thwarts bites form ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers, flies, spiders, no-see-ums, gnats, and other insects pests. Made in the USA. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" -Ben Franklin







Baits, Lures & Flies    Jigs - Spinnerbaits - Buzzbaits - ShakeyHeads -Bladed Jigs - JigHeads - Underspins. is a custom fishing lure site.  We create and build a variety of custom bass fishing lures.  Whether it be for competition, personal, or just to catch more fish, we want to offer anglers something outside of what other lure companies offer - the ability to customize!  Don't fish a lure that doesn't meet your standards.  Don't fish what everyone else has - customize! Need something Custom made?  Please inquire on the Contact Us page! Most orders built & shipped within 2 weeks - some items may take up to 4 weeks.  Thank You for allowing 991CustomLures to build your products!  Traditional & Custom Designs.

"Accent on Quality, Innovation and Education"


     Captain Mack's - Capt Mack’s Umbrella rigs, Super Jigs, and Chipmunk Jigs are known to take a wide variety of fresh and saltwater game fish. Don’t forget to stock up on the spoons, Parker Spoons, hang Spoons, Berry’s Flex-it Spoons and the Capt. Mack’s Super Spoons!

  Classic Fishing Tackle -  "Dealers & Buyers in Vintage & Classic Tackle"
Double "D" Jigs    Double "D" Custom Jigs - "If you're not fishing Double D Jigs, you're fishing second place!"  Dwayne Holler - 540-335-0877.


      Etic USA - Catch'Em with Etic - ETIC USA is an online store dedicated to bringing the very best in fishing lures and other products to its customers, The Etic brand is also available for retail clients. Etic has been in business for over 40 years.

   844-336-4867 - A 100% Combat Veteran owned company.  Our goal is to provide quality outdoor products at affordable prices.

Haggerty Lures  Haggerty Lures 610-373-1368 "Hand tied custom flies and jigs for a variety of species, both fresh and saltwater. Made right here in the USA." Some of our specialties include for freshwater; Crappie, Bass, Walleye, Muskie /Pike, Salmon / Steelhead and all panfish.  We have a Pro Line of Bass jigs for Tournament Anglers, and designed killer ice jigs including our Glow Bugz.   Saltwater jigs and flies cover Fluke, Flounder, Striper, Sea Bass, Halibut, Cobia, Grouper, Tarpon, Bonefish, Redfish and more, even Shark Flies.  We're known for our Hagg's Hellraiser, which is the featured jig on The Next Big Bait TV Show. All orders are tied at the time of purchase, so you can choose colors, materials and patterns easily.


    Hoax Fish - "Fear and Dread"

KTSCUSTOMS.COM  267-994-3479 - KTS Customs is a family business with the owner having 40 years plus fishing experience in river, stream, lake, beach & ocean fishing. Here at KTS, we strive to make the highest quality custom fishing products. Helping you catch the fish of your dreams, is our dream....Fish On! "Catch the Fish of your Dreams." 

M3Tackle - M3Tackle makes and sells tackle products, and gear for every person with the desire to do the things they love. From the most hardcore of fishermen, to the outdoor enthusiasts! Everything Fishing Related - Because THAT'S what we do, and that's what we care about!

  267-772-0132 - "Big baits catch big fish."  Menace Baits™ is a new fishing lure company in the USA that is marketing a unique, virtually weedless and snag proof jig called the Menace Jig. The Menace Jig features a football style head available in several sizes and colors. A skirt collar which holds the fishing skirt in place is molded directly onto the head. Behind the skirt collar is a free swinging offset hook which allows the angler to Texas-Rig their favorite plastic trailer. This makes this jig virtually weedless and snag proof, while also having a more natural presentation, more action, and better hook up ratios.


      Redneck Tackles -  Custom Jigs.  (256) 654-2785


    RockRaider Jigs - 717-579-1727 - "Fish more - Snag less"

 Screwy Lewy Lures - 812-704-7290 - Hand-crafted, made in the USA bass lures.  "We drive fish crazy." 


  Spindriver -  888-229-3326 - THE #1 FISHING LINE MANAGEMENT TOOLS FOR SALTWATER OR FRESHWATER. The SPINDRIVER was specifically designed with two features to store deep sea fishing rigs. The first feature is to keep the line wound up. The second feature is to prevent the lure from slipping down the line due to its unique patented design. It also can help prevent the potential for line memory. It is easy to use and the fluorescent colors make it easy to see on the deck of the boat or in the water because it floats.

 "Custom products for the fresh water bass fishermen "


Xcite Baits   940-324-3507 Soft Plastics, Crank baits, Jigs, Under spins and Shakey heads, T-Shirts, Hats, & Face Sun Protectors

  "Helping Anglers Catch Big Fish". Rick Battalini - 815-469-9686

Logo302.677.0591 - "Ultimate fishing skirts."  For the first time ever, this revolutionary invention allows you to add a silicone skirt to virtually any treble hook lure, remove it and install it on a single hook lure!  Add color and motion in seconds.  Ziptailz added to a Texas or Carolina soft plastic will define the "head" of the bait and increase your bass hook-up percentage!  Ziptailz are effective on virtually all species of fresh and saltwater game-fish and are available in over 50 colors!  We offer free shipping in the continental United States and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.






Rods & Reels

   570-622-1252 Custom Made Fishing Rods


    Captain Mack's - Trolling For Stripers? Make sure that you have the rods and reels that are appropriately matched to the task at hand. Capt Mack’s Umbrella trolling and Power reeling rods paired with an Okuma Line Counter Reel are excellent combos for pulling umbrella rigs, spoons, lead core line, and live baits on the planer boards.

FishStyx Custom Rods, Logo   919-830-0501 - "Land more fish. Custom rods designed for serious anglers.  

   844-336-4867 - A 100% Combat Veteran owned company.  Our goal is to provide quality outdoor products at affordable prices.

High Plains Rods- -  (719) 331-9017 - Fine Hand Crafted Bamboo Fly Rods. 

 - Rod Shields, Fishing Line and Tackle.  "American Made since 1935"  Producing American Made Premium Fishing Line & Tackle for over 80 years! When winning is on the line....the winning line is McCoy! - (979)-204-2936 - Serious fishing gear for the serious angler.

  Tranquility Custom Rods uses only the best blanks and components to build a high-quality piece of equipment. Sure, the rods are beautiful and eye-catching...but, they are also highly functional. Most importantly, Tranquility Custom Rods are built to suit your budget. There can be a custom built rod for any budget!! Custom grips and handles? Custom thread work? Absolutely. And, it is all completed by Greg Kwiatkowski, Jr., Owner of Tranquility Custom Rods.