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"Take your digiscoping to the next level.  With phoneskope, your pictures & video of your scouting or hunting trip will never be the same again."




Here is a belief that we at ShotKam have:  “ShotKam believes that shooting should be fun and rewarding! We exist to bring the everyday shooter the clarity and feedback they need to continuously improve. With a focus on developing the world’s leading self-coaching tool, ShotKam’s mission is to empower you to capture, share, and relive your shooting experience!”  



S4Gear™ makes outdoor equipment that works and gets noticed—innovative, cutting-edge products that supply an air of confidence to the outdoor enthusiast. S4Gear™ is dedicated to providing superior quality, craftsmanship, and technically advanced products that meet the demands of nature and those who seek to tame it. Launched in 2010 with a single product—the Sidewinder Retractable Tether System—S4Gear™ has developed an array of great and innovative products including the JackKnife Smart Phone Bow and Gun Mounts and the LockDown Optics Deployment System. The innovative S4Gear™ products have been carefully designed and crafted with the outdoor enthusiast in mind at all stages of development.




  844-336-4867 - A 100% Combat Veteran owned company.  Our goal is to provide quality outdoor products at affordable prices.


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"See what you're missing." 732-272-3524 The perfect balance between the most advanced, functional polarized eyewear. While staying current with the most fashionable eyewear styles on the market.