ArachNet Security System

The ArachNet Security System is a motion-censored alarm system that protects items in trucks, trailers, cargo racks and backyards from theft, removal and tampering. Stretched like a spider web over protected items, The ArachNet sounds an alarm if its meshed webbing is touched, alerting all that an illegal act may be taking place.





Real Reasons to Seek Out Modern Spartan Systems Super Advanced Chemistry - Performance Benefits

Modern Spartan Systems is a leader in friction reduction, metal preservation, contaminant removal and contaminant protective barrier technologies for the firearms, transportation, manufacturing and deep well drilling industries.  They have pioneered a different path with their proprietary GREEN formulas, which create unique performance benefits that the products they compete against, including non-green products, cannot provide.  They change the minds of engineers and skeptics all the time!

What sets their cleaners apart is their ability to penetrate and remove contaminants on and below the surface.  Deep cleaning or detoxifying opens the metal up and allows more of the active molecules in the lubrication formulas to bond into and onto the target surface. 

What sets their lubrication formulas apart is that instead of laying down a film barrier onto metal, they enhance the actual surface structure of metals several microns deep and OPTIMIZE the density and strength.  They turn microscopic sand paper into glass.  This affects the functionality, reliability and longevity of the metal by reducing friction up to 90%, flat-lining metal wear and minimizing surface contaminant re-adhesion. 

Modern Spartan Systems is quickly becoming recognized by industry experts as having the ABSOLUTE BEST set of products in their categories, and indeed may deserve their own categories. 

Modern Spartan Systems Engines/Vehicles Formula

How we IMPACT Engines/Vehicles/Gear Boxes…

If you drive a car, truck, boat, ATV, motorcycle, snowmobile, jet-ski or run back-up generators, you will love this formula.  Our TVT Green formula is a “game-changer”, especially when it comes to engines and other vehicle systems.  In engines, front ends, rear ends, differentials, manual transmissions, in fuel tanks (gas or diesel), power steering… our additive translates into more HP, torque, fuel efficiency, lower operating temps, lower maintenance costs, asset life extension… and often a much quieter and smoother ride.  We have seen operating temps drop 40+ degrees in some engines.  We cannot for legal reasons guarantee it, but there is a potential safety factor for people using TVT - treated vehicles have ran for hundreds of miles after losing their engine oil (pot hole, rock...).  This saves the engine and could keep people from being stranded in dangerous situations.  Using our chemistry is a great investment!

If you want to 100% understand how good we are at reducing friction and protecting metal, click this link -

TVT Green Engine/Vehicle formula vs. Royal Purple

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